Mee Amba Vanaye – C.T. Fernando (2010)

 Producer: Taranga

This is an experimental research and I have shown that the sitar is the closest instrument to the human voice and that it can play any pitch that a singer can sing – for example, it can play in C major, E flat major, F major, and G major. It is not easy to do so, in fact it was a real challenge for the sitar to transfer the pitches and play the exact pitch that C.T. Fernando sings in.

In this CD, I have used all acoustic musical instruments and show the popular music styles that can be played on the sitar and also how fast moving songs also can played in this instrument.

For this I have used only the Shadaj panchama sitar, which produces the closest sound to the human voice, and not the Gandhara panchama sitar, which is not close to the human voice. For example in India, the gandhara panchama sitar is used for film songs but up to now it has rarely been used as an instrumental to play the main melody of a film song.