Indrakeelaya (1999)

 Producer: DFCC Bank (Original CD commissioned by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka)

This is a symphonic Tone Poem commissioned by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka for the opening of their new Headquarters building after the old one was destroyed by a bomb blast. The theme is of a phoenix rising from the ashes. This composition tells a story and I have divided this piece into 4 movements named Peace, Conflict, Lamentation and Hope. This was performed live by an orchestra at the opening of the building in 1999.

Research was done of all the musical styles and musical instruments in Sri Lanka and almost all have been used to create this piece. I have used Western Choir, Sri Lankan folk voice, North Indian classical voice, South Indian classical voice, Western string instruments, Sri Lankan Percussion (Gata bera, Tammattama, Udakki) Indian tabla, pakawaj, South Indian percussion like Morsin, Ghatam, Mridangam; Western drums, bass guitar, the bamboo flute and so on.